Software VPN vs Hardware VPN

 Software VPN vs Hardware VPN

Having the right cyber security tool is becoming more and more essential. However, one often gets confused about choosing the right option. The best way to keep your network secure is to use the right VPN. It secures your internal traffic and also protects all connected devices.

Virtual Private Networks. Difference Between Private Network and Private Network

A VPN is a great way to work securely online as is the use of a virtual private network. This means that you can work without any stress. Additionally, private network also means that you get point to point and site to site connections.

Software VPN vs Hardware VPN
 Software VPN vs Hardware VPN 

So far, many researches prove that using a VPN provides a secure network security. It is the best way to get secure remote access by connecting others through fully encrypted tunnels.

So, it is basically a digital security tool that secures the data traffic from the user's device. A secure server re-routes data to and from the device by changing the IP address.

Thus, it is Unauthorized Intrusion. It also helps in securing the internet connection.

There are many VPNs in the market today that offer different types and levels of service. Thus, it becomes important to decide whether you want to go for Software VPN or Hardware VPN Well, it all depends on your requirement so we will compare both Software vs Hardware VPN today. So let's start.........

Hardware VPN

Hardware-based VPN is a device that has its own processor. It performs authentication as well as encryption along with other virtual private functions. Therefore, hardware VPN offers more security and is quite expensive but suitable for large scale businesses or organizations.

In the future, you may need to purchase another VPN hardware device if you need to add more devices.

Also, setting up the VPN hardware device can be complicated. Apart from this, it also takes some more time and its maintenance is also a bit complicated.

Advantages of Hardware VPN:

  1. - Dedicated IP solution.
  2. - High level of security.
  3. - Simple and easy remote access to the network.
  4. - Does not put load on your device as dedicated hardware takes care of all the processing.

Software VPN

VPN software does not require any hardware device. Instead it is an application that runs on a server that provides Speed, Security, Affordability and Scalability. Also, you can upgrade it if your business grows.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a VPN software. Thus, it does not take much time to download and install like Hardware VPN. It is basically suitable for medium sized businesses and companies.

Software installed on the VPN client's device to establish a secure connection between the device and the VPN server. In most cases, inbuilt VPN clients are available.

It is easy to do as it does not require any advanced technical knowledge.

  1. - Affordable solution.
  2. - Can be upgraded as the size of the organization expands.

Hardware VPN vs Software VPN

Well, both types of VPN have their advantages and disadvantages. It would be wise to compare them and then decide which of yours. Which is the best solution for enterprise or home network.

  1. - Typically, home networks do not require much VPN support. The organization however is a different one altogether. Here, a lot of internal software and online work may require additional security.
  2. - Talking about the price, generally, you will see that hardware VPN is expensive as compared to software VPN. Hardware VPN is suitable for large firms and businesses as they have larger setups and more number of devices. Such organizations can thus afford Hardware VPN. In addition, software VPNs are cheap and do not cost much, it is scalable. Thus, it is suitable for medium sized organizations or startups.

Hardware VPN and Software VPN both are good but a lot depends on your requirement. Hardware VPN is suitable for large organizations and requires a lot of physical equipment maintenance and also a limited number of remote locations.

Whereas, Software VPN does not require any physical device and is available anywhere with the help of cloud storage. Also, these can be scalable according to the increasing demand which is not possible with hardware VPN which can encrypt the network of limited devices and if more number of devices need to be connected then a new physical hardware VPN will be required .

  • - Hardware VPN devices have higher level of security as compared to software VPN which are more vulnerable to threats and attacks. Hardware VPN requires time and technical expertise for installation which is not the case with software VPN. In addition, software VPNs are cheaper than the latter and are available in virtual locations.

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