How to Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone ?

 How to Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone ?

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new updates to improve the messaging experience of users through its app. One of the many features that users want on the app is scheduling messages on WhatsApp, but it is not available on WhatsApp. But this work can be done with the help of third party apps. And it's even easier for iPhone users.

How to Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone ?

Yes, this feature allows you to schedule a message so that you don't miss out on sending important messages on time. With the help of WhatsApp Schedule Message feature, you can schedule a congratulatory message on the occasion of birthday to someone.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages in Android Smartphone

To use the schedule message feature on WhatsApp, you will need to use a third party app. One such app is SKEDit for Android users which helps in scheduling messages in an easy way. The process is described below:

First of all you have to go to Google Play Store and download SKEDit and open the app.

  • - Thus now you have to sign up.
  • - Once signed in, you need to tap WhatsApp on the main menu.
  • - On the next screen, you have to click on Grant Permissions > Then click on Enable Accessibility > SKEDit > Toggle on Use Service > Allow. Now, return to the application.

Now you have to fill the information. Add a receiver, and enter your message, set a schedule date and time, and choose whether you want to repeat the scheduled message.

- Then at the bottom, you will see a final toggle - Ask me before sending. Toggle it off > Tap on the tick icon > Now your message will be scheduled. Whenever the day and time of your scheduled message arrives, you will receive a notification on your phone asking you to take action. Your message will be sent in real time as soon as you click on the tap.


How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

There is no such third party app for iOS users. But for this we have a way with the help of which you can schedule the message.

You can do this with the Siri Shortcuts app. You just have to download it on your iPhone first and open it, after that we have given some easy steps with the help of which you can easily schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone too.

  1. - First select the Automation tab
  2. - Tap the + icon and create Personal Automation
  3. - Select the time of day to schedule when you want your automation to run. Here, select the date and time.
  4. - Then, tap on Add Action and type text from the list of actions in the search bar.
  5. - After that, enter your message you want to schedule and tap the + icon below the text field and see WhatsApp
  6. - now choose you receiver and tap on Next and finally press Done.

After this your WhatsApp message will be scheduled.

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