Phone battery drains frequently ? Adopt these 5 tricks today, get rid of the problem

 Phone battery drains frequently ? Adopt these 5 tricks today, get rid of the problem

Does your mobile battery run out very quickly? Annoyed by frequent phone charges? So today you know the tips to increase the battery life of the phone.

No more frequent  mobile batteries.

Simple tips to increase mobile battery life 


Phone battery drains frequently ? Adopt these 5 tricks today, get rid of the problem

All you have to do is practice a few things to get the most out of the battery life, so that the battery of the phone will last longer and you will also get rid of frequent charging of the phone. If you're using an iPhone or iPad, we're going to show you ways to save more battery life.

Serve Location Off 

Location service is helpful for apps like Google Maps, but that GPS ping can drain the battery quickly. Completely turn off location service via Settings> Privacy> Location Services and your phone will stop providing location data to this service.

Activate Low Power Mode One 

of your strongest weapons against battery drain is low power mode. When this is enabled, your phone performs only the most essential functions, so that background activities like downloads and mail fetches are turned off.

Activate screen brightness 

The display of smartphones these days is big and bright, but the acrylic screens that keep you awake at night drain your battery life. The good news is that you can easily take it. First, enable auto-brightness. Navigate to Settings> Accessibility> Display and Text Size> Auto Brightness and turn it on. Your phone will adjust its brightness based on your current lighting conditions. If you have enough light to see, the screen will turn off automatically to save battery.

Turn off automatic app updates

It's a good idea to keep your apps and operating system up to date. Some updates can help make applications faster and smoother by reducing the processing power needed to make them work. By default, your device supports automatic app updates, which means that when an app update arrives, your phone will install it in the background so you can always stay up to date. However, this process can drain the battery, so go to Settings> App Store> App Updates and turn it off.

Turn on airplane mode 

If you're in a real power jam, put your device in airplane mode, which turns off all wireless features on your phone. Calls and text messages won't come, but you can still connect to Wi-Fi if needed for iMessages and other functions. The easiest way to do this is to find the Airplane icon in the Control Center and tap on it. It is also accessible in settings; Just turn it on. You will notice that it is activated by the airplane icon in the upper right.

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